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Freight Forwarding Company

Flash Bolt Logistics is a well-established and reputed freight forwarding company operating out of the US. Our commitment to performance, quality, and service with professionalism are key factors to our long-term customer relationships. It further facilitates consistent growth, financial stability, and investment capability. Backed by highly skilled and experienced professionals, we aim to deliver unsurpassed logistics services and solutions across SMEs and large corporates.

Our team utilizes their extensive expertise in handling varied freight categories depending on the client’s specific needs. Whether you require third party logistics or a complete local logistics solution in US, Flash Bolt Logistics can provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs. We put an end to your search for logistics services near me.

Our Mission

Flash Bolt Logistics supports the philosophy of starting Local to grow Global. Our mission as one of the leading freight brokerage companies is to provision businesses with the necessities for their logistical needs and to reach new heights by prevailing through all perceivable challenges. We endeavor to support our partners with the inception of ideas. We will strive to develop strong logistical alliances to provide logical solutions that create synergies between organizational actions and their strategic plans.

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Services Provided

Full Truckload

An FTL, as the name suggests, carries enough products to fill a full truck. It may be partially filled with dedicated loads for safety, security or any other industry specific or regulatory reason. An FTL carries a minimum of 23,000 pounds or half the trailer to be a dedicated load.

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LTL - Less Than Truckload

An LTL is for smaller loads where multiple orders are combined in a single truck load. Typically, LTLs are handled by a third party logistical (3PL) service providers who use a hub-and-spoke network for an efficient and cost-effective delivery.

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Courier Service

Courier deliveries are ideal for smaller items such as envelopes, documents, boxes, small equipment, parts, tires, paint, and single pallet. Most of our customers use this service to ship single pallets locally. Whatever your industry, we can deliver it!

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Flat Bed

A flatbed load is a truck with no sides or roof. This means quick and easy loading of heavy and/or bulky items that are not sensitive to weather or traffic conditions. Suitable for equipment hauling or bulky product that would not fit in a closed body truck.

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Dry Van

A dry van trailer is the most common way of transferring goods from one place to another. As the name suggests, these trailers are also good for keeping your load safe and dry from wet weather conditions or unruly traffic conditions.

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A refrigerated trailer is used to move time sensitive goods that must be kept at a certain temperature. These trailers are used for time sensitive perishable products like meat, fish and poultry and in some cases temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

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Why choose Flash Bolt Logistics LLC?

FBL provides excellent freight logistics services around the clock to make sure your freight is delivered in a safe and timely manner. Apart from freight brokerage, FBL also provides services such as load tracking to see where your load is exactly. We find the beneficial routes for our carriers to make all deliveries as safe and efficient as possible. We work across the U.S and have an extensive network of carriers to handle all kinds of loads.

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Flash Bolt Logistics is your fast and friendly provider in efficient and affordable transportation solutions. We provide you with the best drivers in FTL, LTL, Flatbeds, Reefers, and more.

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"Without you we wouldn’t be in business." Truck drivers are the backbone in the transportation industry and we want to work with you. We provide you with the quality loads, the best support and the best rates. With each other’s help both our parties can be successful and insure future relationships.

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