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Looking to find an alternate shipping solution to ship your liquidation lot? Opt for Flash Bolt Logistics, a leading third-party freight company, for your liquidation shipping needs. We specialize in truckload and pallet transport at lower costs and competitive rates, ideal for buyers from major liquidation sites like Direct Liquidation,, and Bulq. Choose us over vendor shipping to cut costs and boost profits in liquidation and wholesale ventures.

With manufacturing on the rise, it is crucial for paper and packaging goods to be on time for delivery. We ensure your paper and packaging goods are delivered on time and safely with Flash Bolt Logistics. We prioritize timely delivery and safety, using highly rated carriers for secure and cost-efficient shipping solutions. With our experience you can rest easy knowing your cargo’s security from start to finish.

With manufacturing on the rise, it is crucial for textile goods to be on time for delivery. Flash Bolt Logistics ensures on-time delivery and safety for textile goods, especially vital with increasing demands. Our carriers are fully vetted for timely delivery, offering secure, low-cost shipping with highly rated carriers. We specialize in transporting textiles from major ports, guaranteeing secure and competitively priced cargo handling.

Do you need to move Hazmat (hazardous materials) or loads that require special permits? Flash Bolt Logistics specializes in safe, on-time delivery of Hazmat and other special-permit loads, including pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive materials. We offer secure trucks equipped with proper refrigeration for sensitive cargo. For oversized freight, we efficiently obtain necessary permits, ensuring compliance and timely, safe transportation.

Shipping Granite and Marble can be a hassle and a logistical hurdle. The wrong equipment, unexperienced carriers and improper shipping and handling can damage even sturdy material like granite. Flash Bolt Logistics provides carriers that are experienced in shipping any size of slabs and crates of Granite and Marble. Our carrier’s safety criteria are fully vetted to ensure proper and safe delivery of goods, our cargo insurance protects goods in damages out of our control. With our experience and highly rated carriers you can ship in confidence knowing your cargo is secure and protected the entire time.

Construction services are a form of transportation for materials that cannot be moved by regular freight transportation services. This form of delivery is used to move items to and from construction sites. Flash Bolt Logistics offers specialized services that can cater to any form of construction freight movement. We provide step deck and flat bed carriers that are suitable for high volumes of freight. With our personalized service, you can move your items with ease.

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