Price for life (T & C apply) is an innovative solution that brings instant satisfaction to your doorstep. This offer provides you with the experience of moving your goods to any desired location in the U.S.A, making us your personal logistics partner, and helping you to save extra money for your business. Thus, increasing your annual/quarterly ROI’s.


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Price for life earns you a chance to get the equivalent price for the life that you are a customer with us. These prices are directly related to our costs. A viable increase in our costs (prices that are outbound by our cost-controlling logistics operations) will increase your freight costs, but a viable decrease in our operational costs will result in a decrease in your freight costs, resulting in lowered expenditures and an increased ROI. It is to be noted here that your freight charges will not pass the initial quote price from the lower end. This is a truly special offer for an SME or a corporate company!

Trust our price-beating policy

Coupled with our price-beating policy, Price for Life offers a staggering increase in your company’s potential in the market, most of which is supported by your business savings. Our freight distribution network, spread widely over faster and safer routes covers all your freight operations from initial ordering to distribution paperwork with a personal touch, putting you at ease to run your business operations. We understand the struggle you’re putting behind the wheel, let us share the burden and speed up your distribution.


Flash Bolt Logistics® deals in all kinds of industries from auto-mobility, chemicals, consumer, energy to engineering & manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences, public sector, retail, and technology. Our Price for Life offer motivates us to provide you with the best personal experience by taking care of all end-end operations involved in your freight distribution order. For we are powered by the idea of becoming your partner.


Notwithstanding any terms and conditions of your Promotion Agreement and/or the Customer 

Agreement to the contrary, because you have agreed to participate in Flash Bolt Logistics Price For Life Offer, FLASH BOLT LOGISTICS will not change, at any time during your Price Guarantee Period (as defined below) the price that you pay for Dedicated, Spot, and Accessorial services set forth below (your “Price Guarantee Package”). 


Price Guarantee Package

Price for Life 



Seasonal Rates 


TONU Will not exceed 



Spot Rates <5 Loads


Layovers will not exceed 



Dedicated lanes 5+ Loads*


Detentions will not exceed



1 of 4 shipments per week is 5%-10% off 


One Waiver*




Mystery Gift*



*One waiver includes a one time waive of TONUs or Layovers, or Detention one may request for a waive however this will be at Flash Bolt Logistics discretion, 

*Dedicated lanes – they are fixed rates however rates* change per season and can fluctuate due to fuel, weather, miles, market Flash Bolt Reserves the right to change rates per procedures for establishing rates, customers will pay the difference in rates, fuel surcharge included with the rate confirmation or spot quotation issued by Flash Bolt Logistics. 

 Your “Price Guarantee Period” is the Three (3) month period immediately following the initial load shipped with your FLASH BOLT LOGISTICS service.  FLASH BOLT LOGISTICS will consider extending your Price Guarantee Period every three months depending on increased or decreased freight volume.  Upon the expiration of your Price Guarantee Period, you will pay the then-current rate for your load.

 Notification of Changes to Rates and Charges 

We reserve the right to change rates and charges without notice unless a written agreement to the contrary has been made. It is our practice to provide customers with minimum advance notice of 24-48 hours prior to an increase in rates and charges.

Dedicated lanes will require both to sign an agreement establishing customer-specific pricing or procedures for establishing rates and must include at least 5 dedicated loads per Price Guarantee Period from the customer. Dedicated Rates are valid only for the specific customer and shipment type (i.e., commodity, origin/destination, and equipment size/type) quoted. You are not allowed to substitute different shipment types at the quoted rate level without our written authorization. In addition, the rates only cover the services described in the rate quote. Additional charges may apply for services requested/performed in addition to those services included in the initial quote

Flash Bolt Logistics Price For Life Offer applies solely based on Volume of Freight and the lane you move.  In the event that you decrease in freight volume, Flash Bolt Logistics Price For Life Offer can be reinstated following an increase of your FLASH BOLT LOGISTICS service and requested in writing. 

Except as expressly set forth above in this notice solely with respect to the prices of your Price Guarantee Package, you acknowledge and agree that FLASH BOLT LOGISTICS shall have the right to change any and all other (and/or implement additional) prices, fees, and charges at any time and from time to time (including, without limitation, during your Price Guarantee Period). No legal actions may be taken against any terms and conditions used, but not defined, in this notice.  Except as expressly set forth above in this notice, all terms and conditions of your Customer Agreement remain in full force and effect.