California Courier Services

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Flash Bolt Logistics® understands your requirements when it comes to freight carrying services. Our fast and secure routes embolden us to deliver your orders on time without any hassles.

Flash Bolt Logistics® is working in California and delivering all the parcels to their destinations on time and with no error with being the safest California courier service. Our fleet of vehicles has this extraordinary ability to deliver all kinds of parcels whether they are small packages of products or enormous goods pallets. We have rush deliveries, on-demand deliveries, same-day deliveries, and even route deliveries to reduce your shipping cost at one of the top brands in the courier service. We can provide you with the facility of specialized medical, legal, and even the freight industry delivery service at the same delivery duration on which you agree.

We give complete control of the courier delivery timings to our customers

Being our valued customer, you have this privilege over other local courier services providing companies’ customers that you can choose when to pick your parcel up from the pickup point. And when and where to drop it off, even if you want the same-day delivery or a particular occasion. We got you all covered with your courier delivery needs.

Track your delivery through an online app and with helpline information

We provide complete transparency in our deliveries as we know that each parcel handed over to our reliable courier services is valued by you or your loved ones. Sometimes, an industrial package can turn into a loss if they don’t arrive on time. So, you can get live information online through our website, or you can call at any time to know where your parcel has reached so far.

In what areas of California do we serve?

We deliver your valuable packages and parcels all over California. Still, if you are confused about our service in your area, you can go to our website and browse all the cities of California State where we have our reliable courier services. This way, you can also see why many people and companies are switching to our local courier services day by day and trust us with their pricy and most valuable assets.

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