Less Than Truck Load Logistics Florida

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Being one of the best less-than-load freight shipping companies in sunny Florida, FBL is more than glad to assist you with your requirements. Backed by a team of specialists in local less-than-load freight shipping, we take pride in delivering unrivaled services at the best prices. This transportation method is ideal for you if you have one of the following conditions: any freight that weighs 150 pounds or more, freight that is larger than a parcel but smaller than a
truckload, freight that will be too large to take to the post office or too small to use a whole truck, or freight that is palatalized or crated to reduce costs and risks. LTL uses the dimensions and weight of the pallet(s) and determines the amount of space that it will take up. The prices will therefore be based off of these factors.

Besides the classic LTL service, FBL also offers special customizations for your LTL delivery so we can accommodate to your freight. Some of the specialized services we offer are:
lift gate services, expedited shipping, notification services, white glove services, hazardous materials transportation, and guaranteed services. For more details, look below.


Lift Gate Services are needed at pickup and delivery locations when your freight is too heavy to be hand carried by workers (150-5000 lbs) and requires additional service to deliver. A hydraulic
lift will be installed at the back of the truck to transport your freight efficiently.


Expedited shipping services for time sensitive deliveries.
Services include 3-day, 2-day, and overnight transit times.


We will notify you on when to expect the arrival of the truck.


White Glove Services are for those who need an extra set of hands. An agent can help unload, unpack, and transport your freight up to 2 flights of stairs.


Hazardous Materials Transportation transport fuels, bio-chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other HAZMATs. Any hazardous material can be moved through this service.


Guaranteed Service include both date and time specific needs for pickup and delivery. We guarantee you a predetermined time window for delivery often before noon or after 5pm.

Various Transport Options for all less than Truck Loads in Florida

Here at Flash Bolt Logistics® we have different transport vehicle options available even more than  most full truck load companies. We can choose the best trailer suited for your needs whether you need a Flatbed, Step deck, Refrigerated, Drayage, Lowboy, or even Rails we can get you a quote and move your freight. We move on your time and have our carriers show up on your schedule for pick up and delivery.  


FBL offers several different truck services so we can cater to any type of delivery. Here are some of the trucks we offer:


A flat bed is the right truck for you if you want a quick and easy load of heavier or bulky items that are insensitive to weather and traffic conditions. It’s a truck with no sides or roof and is able to fit almost every type of cargo.


Our dry van trucks are our most popular trucks. These trucks safely transfer goods from one place to another. If you have weather-sensitive deliverables, go with our updated dry vans that are equipped with all the necessary measures to keep your products safe from harsh weather.


A refrigerated truck allows you to move time and temperature-sensitive goods such as meat, fresh fruits, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and more towards your desired location. Book one today if
you’re a part of a time-sensitive manufacturer looking to expand your markets.


Flash Bolt Logistics strives to offer you reliable customer service. Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 and are ready to help aid you in any aspects of your FBL service. Have a delivery concern? Questions about our trucks? Our representatives are here to