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FBL, a specialized shipping service based in UAE, takes pride in offering a range of services from oversized shipping to dedicated carriers. Our agents will work closely with you to fulfil any special service requirements. We offer feasible solutions to tackle any logistics issue, right from having multiple destinations to requiring a fleet of trucks to move multiple loads. With our special network of carriers, we ensure a safe, timely and cost-friendly deliveries. If you seek reliable, efficient and transparent specialized services near me, we’re here to help!

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What Qualifies as Specialized Shipping?

Specialized shipping services requires the expertise of a logistic agent and has the capacity to move any freight that cannot be moved using the normal method. Here are some of the details that classify it as special:

Oversized, fragile and complicated items such as sensitive electronics, commercial equipment, fragile goods, and industrial equipment.

Military Freight that requires specific paperwork, standard processes and pricing.

Tradeshow exhibits which often need to be protected from weather conditions and traffic.

Motorcycles or special vehicles which require a fully enclosed trailer.

Enterprise supply chain transactions which include both inbound and outbound products, in need of moving items from origin to destination through supply chain.

What Does Flash Bolt Logistics Offer?

  1. Step Decks with ramps
  2. Double Drops
  3. Lowboys
  4. RGNs
  5. Multi-axle
  6. Power only
  7. Chassis
  8. Refrigerated
  9. And Much More!

What Services Does Flash Bolt Logistics Offer?

  • Time Critical or Expedited Shipping - Most useful for time sensitive freight that is used by supply chains. Trucks rarely stop and mostly deliver straight through.
  • Tradeshow Shipping - We arrange all special requirements to ensure a safe and timely delivery.
  • Oversize Shipping - Some Freight requires special trucks or handling equipment that normal trucks cannot provide. These usually require special permits or packaging requirements.
  • White Glove Service - We take care of everything for you from picking up, loading to delivering and unloading
  • Specialized Carrier Services Offered

    Step Deck

    At Flash Bolt Logistics we offer a more specialized perspective to step deck shipments. We provide step deck carriers that can be used for high or over sized freight requirements. Our decks come with loading ramps that allow for easy shipping for wheeled vehicles.

    Flat Bed

    With quick and easy loading of heavy or bulky items that are not sensitive to weather or traffic conditions. Flatbeds are Suitable for equipment hauling or bulky product that would not fit in a closed body truck.


    What happens when you have your own loaded trailer but no truck or driver to move your shipment? Power Only Offers just that a truck and driver are hired to transport your trailer and products to your specified destination. Our team can provide multiple carriers depending on load size, number of trailers, and logistical needs.

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    With our personalized service, you can move with ease! We match your freight with the best truck and best rate to get it delivered. Our agents are in constant contact with our carriers to deliver your freight in a timely manner. Once delivered, making payments is easy, transparent and hassle-free. As one of the specialized shipping services in US, with us you are guaranteed of unrivaled service.

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