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FAQs about Flash Bolt Logistics Services

The most frequently asked questions about our high end services.

Have you ever had a delivery that had to be shipped further than 50 miles…? that’s 100 miles you are putting on your truck driving back and forth meaning 100 miles worth of gas, payment for the truck driver and risk on your insurance. Which means you are losing money on
driving your truck back and forth as an empty truck. If you use our service, you cut out the cost of driving deadhead miles meaning you stop wasting money on miles that an empty truck is driving. On average, customers spend $180,000 annually or $1.38 per mile for operating a straight truckincluding gas and driver comp. Here’s a break down;

  • Largest expense is diesel fuel which now is going 2.78 avg. per gallon and on avg. a commercial
    truck can take more than $70,000 annually.
  • Second largest expense is paying drivers, overall, they take 26% of your expenses, or $.36per
  • Third is your repairs, maintenance and tires per truck which annually on avg. cost you $19,000
    per year or $.15 on every mile you drive.
  • Fourth is your insurance, normally having multiple insurances can cost you over $6,500 a year or
    5 cents for every mile you drive per truck.
  • Last is your permits, licenses and tolls these can avg. around $3,600 a year
    On avg., each truck you drive will cost you $180,000 annually

Wouldn’t you rather save the extra costs of driving empty deadhead miles and use that money to
increase or promote your business. We can save you on avg. $30,0000 per year on your transportation cost, we cut out the need to buy gas
and pay drivers for driving back an empty truck. As well as the cost of maintenance, repairs, tires licensing and permits. And we offer payment plans and net term payments depending on credit. Using our services, you only pay for what you need and not extra costs for driving empty trucks.

Yes, Quotes are based off miles, dimensions and weight but also on fuel price. Due to fluctuating
fuel costs quotes are only valid for 7 Days. If a quote is not accepted within that time, it has
expired. To get the best deal make sure details on shipment are 100% accurate and a quote is
accepted within 7 Days.

Let me take a step back and let you know now is not the best time to talk about that because we
might not be the best fit for your company, we should discuss some challenges and issues you
face and from there we can show you how we will be able to alleviate those issues.

There is a variable of factors that play part in establishing our rates, from the type of freight that
needs to be shipped, the mode of transportation, the weight of the load, the distance and more
we determine your rate.
Normally LTL is determined by the class and weight of the load and extra fees for special
equipment needed like liftgates and white glove deliveries.

Here at Flash Bolt Logistics we know how important your freight is to you, so we don’t send it off
to the carriers and forget about it, we always keep in touch with our carriers to confirm a
smooth and safe delivery. Our dispatchers are constantly communicating with our carriers and
making sure that shipments are loaded and delivered safely, efficiently and on time.

Yes, we do Flash Bolt Logistics partnered with the top bond provider J.W Surety and the top
insurance agency in the nation, Hudson Insurance Company to give customers a peace of mind.
They have the best claims dept. and work with any issues at any time.

Once you are assigned a Account Rep, they will handle all scheduling with both shipper and receiver. Our account reps coordinate with the shipping department and ensure that all pick up times and appointments are on time and all freight is ready and proper. We provide updates on any delays and contact both you and the receiver to make sure everyone is notified. 

We create BOLs based on the information the customer provides. We provide BOLs for all shipments and send them to the shipper and receiver and to You to make sure all details are correct.

We have full confidentiality between us and the customer and do not disclose any customer information. 

With Double Blind shipments, some companies do not accept double blind shipments and we make sure not to use them for these types of shipments. We provide separate BOLs for each blind recipient. 

Once a Load is picked up you can track all shipments with the PRO number we provide. We also give updates daily on any changes and can text, call or email for real time updates. 


Yes, we have multiple ways of making communication and load tendering easier and more efficient.

We are EDI Compliant, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the standard way that shippers, carriers, and brokers work together electronically (i.e. without paper, emails or faxes). We can update you in real time and make load tendering even easier, most large shippers will only do business with carriers and brokers that are capable of accepting EDI load tenders because it completely eradicates data entry mistakes, and saves everyone money by being faster and more efficient.

Simply send us your EDI or POS information and we will handle the rest, Making quicker load tendering and electronic updates faster.